Why do I need to grant full access to Ree’s Keyboard, and is it safe?


Upon granting Full Access to the Ree Keyboard, you will immediately be presented with a warning from Apple about the risks to grant a third party keyboard full access. This is a standard precautionary measure that applies to all third party keyboards.

On Apple iOS 8 and above, the Ree keyboard extensions requires Full Access in order to share data between the Keyboard and its “container” app located on your Apple device desktop. This is required because key components of the Keyboard are located in the container app and so Ree needs to obtain your permission for its extension to be able to access these components. Unlike traditional keyboard extensions, Ree has no keys and therefore cannot register and send back anything you type. The Ree keyboard itself has no means of collecting any data you enter or access. So be assured, the Ree keyboard is completely safe.


What is Full Access?

Granting an iOS keyboard extension Full Access is the permission that allows it to share data with its broader “container” app and gain network access. We request this permission to allow the Ree keyboard extension to share data with its container app and gain network access to download images located in the cloud. 


What is it that we do with Full Access?

To provide you with the best possible experience using Ree, we require Full Access to download on the fly images, updates and new collections. Without this permission the keyboard extension would not be able to read, write and download these files. Again, no personal information is sent to and/or received by the Ree Keyboard.



We take user privacy very seriously; in fact as stated above, Ree does not collect any personally identifiable information from any of its users. There is no login or account needed in order to use Ree.